Anne Tucker

Professor Anne Tucker

Professor of Law at Georgia State University College of Law
Faculty Director, Legal Analytics & Innovation Initiative
Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker, Professor of Law at Georgia State University College of Law, and Faculty Director of the Legal Analytics & Innovation Initiative (LAII) at the College of Law. She researches corporate law, focused on issues related to institutional investors and retirement investors. Tucker’s research focuses on how pooled investments are regulated, but also on their power to achieve important personal and social ends such as retirement security and private funding for social entrepreneurship.

Her most recent work incorporates traditional empirical methodologies as well as new techniques available through data science (Legal Analytics). Professor Tucker’s current projects examine impact investing contract terms, Index ESG funds, investment companies’ risk and investment strategy disclosures, and text mining docket sheets to understand litigation pathways. Professor Tucker has published over 20 book chapters and articles including in journals such as Harvard Business Law Review, the Yale Law Journal: Forum, Journal of Corporate Law, and the Columbia Business Law Review.